Training- students and their horses!


Betsy's Bees

Chestnut horse Quadrille

Black Horse Quadrille


Jenny and Devina

Diane and Iago


Debbie and Phoebe


Louise and Merlot

Diane and Don Diego


Jenny and Helen 


Diane and Sherrie

Melissa and Rocket Man

Natalie and Pepper


Joan and Fidelis 

Laura and Pepper

Chestnut Horse Quadrille


Linda and Lablaboo

In hand work

Phoebe and Danika


Megan and Princeton

Richard and Don Diego

Sherrie and Uma


Lea and Don Diego

Brooke and Wilco

Laura and Marley 



Sherrie and Uma

Phoebe and Danika


Beth and Wizard


Julie and Pino

Diane and Don Diego


Melissa and Lascar


Horse Training

Many areas of training make a well rounded horse and rider team.

The girls

I have the privilege of working with the best group of students EVER.   Come visit us at White Rock Ranch!

Each student is a living example of a rider striving to give their horse the best care.   Each horse is loved and cared for in a very special way.   Every horse has a story as does each rider.  I am honored to consider each of of them as my friend.
If you are out our way, stop by and say "howdy", we'd love to show you around the ranch and the barn.  Wednesdays are our taping day, it is fun and informative.